Assisted Living

When medical, memory, or aging issues reduce your loved one’s ability to safely stay in his/her home, but he/she is still largely independent, assisted living may be the best option. Your loved one may still desire the privacy and autonomy, but may need a little assistance – cleaning, laundry, minor home repairs, cooking.

Care Initiatives Assisted Living locations offer several amenities including outdoor gardens, internet access and opportunities to socialize. Our facilities were created to allow older Iowans to “age in place” while having access to high quality healthcare nearby. By taking advantage of Care Initiatives Assisted Living you will experience the full-service, caring compassion you deserve.

Care Initiatives does have eight locations designated for low income Iowans. Those locations are: 

Avoca Lodge

612 York Rd
Avoca, IA 51521-4504
Phone: 712.343.2400
Fax: 712.343.2501
Administrator: Katelyn Ehlers

Circle Terrace Lodge

155 Circle Terrace
Manly, IA 50456-5073
Phone: 641.454.3329
Fax: 641.454.3349
Administrator: Kimber Kleven

Dunlap Assisted Living

1405 Harrison Rd
Dunlap, IA 51529-9737
Phone: 712.643.2133
Fax: 712.643.2135
Administrator: Ryan Skopec

Estabrook Lodge

2302 Rick Collins Way
Eldora, IA 50627-8357
Phone: 641.939-7711
Administrator: Susan Eichmeier

Lamoni Assisted Living

810 E 3rd St
Lamoni, IA 50140-0069
Phone: 641.784.8910
Fax: 641.784.8913
Administrator: Billy Meyers

Odebolt Assisted Living

799 S Des Moines St
Odebolt, IA 51458-1032
Phone: 712.668.2224
Administrator: Marissa Edgar-Schwebach

Panora Assisted Living

805 E Main St
Panora, IA 50216-1017
Phone: 641.755.2727
Administrator: Jana Cates

Valley Lodge

1118 E HWY 20
Correctionville, IA 51016-8056
Phone: 712.372.4466
Administrator: Tanner Mackey