Compliance and Policies

Care Initiatives is committed to being in compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations that apply to our business.

Care Initiatives has developed numerous policies and procedures that apply to members of its workforce. The policies and procedures are intended to promote lawful and ethical conduct by all that carry out duties and responsibilities on behalf of the company. Care Initiatives expects members of its workforce to act in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as, follow all applicable company policies and procedures.

We encourage members of our workforce to seek answers to questions about specific policy or procedure from the appropriate supervisory personnel at the relevant location. However, when additional clarification is sought, we have corporate office personnel that can be of help. We encourage contacting Care Initiatives' VP/Chief Compliance Officer at 515-224-4442 to have your question directed to the appropriate department. 

Care Initiatives has adopted a corporate compliance program overseen by our Board of Directors.  Operational responsibility for the program is assigned to our VP/Chief Compliance Officer. For compliance-related concerns, we encourage our residents, patients, members of our workforce, or anyone else who suspects a violation of a law or company policy has occurred, to report this concern as soon as possible. If an anonymous report is preferred, our toll-free Compliance Hotline (1-888-565-2273) can be a helpful way to complete the report. Retaliation related to a report via the compliance hotline is prohibited by law and company policy. When making reports, please include enough detailed information to permit adequate follow up by appropriate corporate and facility/office personnel.

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