Family Stories

A huge thank you to all of you. What you have been through has been stressful on your bodies and minds. You are very appreciated and very special.

Kaylen L. & Penny W.

Stratford Specialty Care

Relaxing place, the staff makes you feel welcome I try to remember all there names but they are used to being called 'hey you.' The staff says it doesn't bother them that they are used to it however if your memory is somewhat there, you should try to get that person name and remember, "please" and "thank you" go along way in life. They have very compassionate nurses that can help you beyond time. CNAs that are friendly and all. They let you choose if you want to stay in your room to eat, play, and have your privacy! You get your own spacious room; your own big bathroom, bathroom sink, toilet. Two call buttons in your room. Funiture is new with cherry wood finish. Plenty of snacks according to your diet!

Marisa M.

Lantern Park Specialty Care

Overall pleased with the care my grandfather recieved. He wasn't there long, but I'm convinced he went peacefully. My grandfather was there from the middle of October to the middle of November before he passed away from his illnesses. The staff were really supportive with the emotional rollercoaster experience this was!!!! So thank you from the N******* F**** family 💕

Krystal M.

NorthCrest Specialty Care

Best quality care team I have every seen. Makes me feel great to know my grandfather is in good hands. Keep up the good work! 

Amber K.

Manly Specialty Care

Thank you to every person who made Joseph Z. feel like family. All of your care goes above and beyond what anyone could hope for. Bless all of you.

Family of Joseph Z.

LaPorte City Specialty Care

Thank you so much for everything you all do for dad & the other residents! Know it’s such a hard time and we just pray things can get better! 

Rhonda S.

Montezuma Specialty Care

A very special thank you to the staff and residents at Valley View Specialty Care. I'm so grateful you were able to be a part of our lives the past seven years. Thank you for all the special love and care. You welcomed me each day when I walked through the door. You so often went above and beyond to care not only for XXXXX, but in so many ways, for me as well. You truly became my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anonymous frequent visitor at Valley View

I first want to start by saying – this is why I wanted to come back to NorthCrest Specialty Care. I think all of your OT and physical therapy are great. I’ve learned a lot through them. The staff are great and helpful. Also, they are understanding and if you have questions, they always seem to have the answers and if they don’t know, they try to find out for you. Your nurses are great. If you need something, they get it if they can. I like all of you very much!

Rosalie K.

NorthCrest Specialty Care

(Sioux City Hospice)

We want to extend our appreciation for the care and love that was shown to our father. We thank you for your kindness and support given to our family. All staff were good to us. Pam was especially helpful and Sue, the chaplain, touched our hearts and gave us God's peace and presence. Thank you again .


Stacie L., Donna S., Cathy L.

Hospice Care

Thank you for the care you are giving our loved ones when we can not be there. We pray for your health and safety during this pandemic. You are guardian angels for  L***. I know she doesn't understand why we can't visit. But you are there to giver her a smile and a touch for us. Thanks again.

Nancy & Steve S.

Eldora Specialty Care

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude and to recognize Mechanicsville Specialty Care in Mechanicsville, IA, one of your Care Initiative care centers. My mother has been a resident there for over 9-1/2 years. She has Alzheimer's and is currently on hospice care. 
The staff is not only professional and skilled, they are caring, patient and compassionate. They give their smiles freely and can calm and reassure my mother in her confusion and anxiety. When I have visited her through the window (since COVID) I have seen my mother look up at a staff member with the look of a child seeking guidance and direction and I am convinced they are her family. The staff has changed in those 9-1/2 years but I have come to know many of them very well and they are part of my family too. 
Everyone ... are to be highly commended for their dedication in the past and heroic efforts during the COVID 19 Pandemic! I also recognize and praise the entire Care Initiative Hospice team. How reassuring it is that I can trust they are caring for and protecting my mother in such a loving way. Isn't that what anyone would want for their loved one? 

Diane C.

Hospice Care

My mother has only been at Southern Hills for a few months, but I have been extremely happy with the her quality of care. The staff treats her with love & compassion. They communicate clearly & regularly with me. Our family has had experience with four other LTC facilities over the last 12 years here in Iowa. Southern Hills is by far the very best we've experienced.

Mike, Vicky B.

Southern Hills Specialty Care

Sandy’s compassionate and caring ways made our mother’s stay much more enjoyable, and mom and Sandy had an outstanding patient/caregiver relationship that made such a difference with our mother. We are very appreciative of this wonderful nurse!

Linda S. and Lisa K.

Southern Hills Specialty Care

I appreciate everything this hospice team does for our facility! They work together to provide a smooth transition into hospice care. Their team approach is fantastic and comforting to our residents and their families. They add to the team effort in making sure our resident's needs are met. I can't thank them enough for all that they do!

Kelsey K.

Hospice Care