Family Stories

We would like to thank your staff for the compassionate care you all gave Marie during her final months. Not only did you help her, but also us. Being available if there were any concerns, giving comfort to our hearts knowing that she was being well taken care of, helping us spiritually and making the transition much easier for all of us. 

The family of Marie K.

Hospice Care

Words are not enough to let you know how much we appreciate you. Your compassion in carring for Mom meant the world to us. 

Brenda V.

Southern Hills Specialty Care

A beautiful, clean facility. Newer management that is attentive, genuinely cares about their residents, and kind. One of the few 5-star rated facilities in the area.

Packing Peanut

Dubuque Specialty Care

(The staff) at Stratford Specialty Care has been so helpful with getting my mother-in-law settled in. This nursing the most caring, thoughtful home. (Everyone) has gone above and beyond to help us. Thank to you all. 

Karen F.

Stratford Specialty Care

...thanks again for all your team did for (my mom) while she was there.  I'm so grateful that she was well cared for and has a very good taste in her mouth about her experience.  She even liked the food!  Her care team of nurses, aides, therapy, and such all treated her very well.

Mary W.

Ravenwood Specialty Care

I had four major surgeries at 2 different hospitals before going to Northcrest. Right away I met very helpful and nice people that made me feel comfortable and cared for.  They explained what they were doing and why, while making me feel at home. The people at Northcrest and Care Initiatives do really care. Hats off to all of you!

Kevin N.

NorthCrest Specialty Care

A huge thank you to each and every one of you for mom’s care, for nearly two years. The mums were beautiful. A special thank you to Mary Ann and Kristin for coming to the service. You are all special people!


Wapello Specialty Care

Everyone was so kind to our mother and to all of us while she was a resident. We really appreciate all of the support you have given us. Thank you so much!

The Family of Lois D.

Mechanicsville Specialty Care

I want to tell each and everyone of you how appreciative I am that my mother was a part of the Bedford Specialty Care family. The love, compassion, patience, kindness and gentleness that was shown reflected in how she responded everyday with laughter, wit and gratefulness. Thank you for making your home a home for Mother.

Frances G.

Bedford Specialty Care

I am writing to say thank you very much for having a big heart for the needy and more so considering Uganda to be one of the beneficiaries. I acknowledge receipt of the items you sent through Roberta S. and I have delivered them to Hospice Africa Uganda (HAU).


Hospice Care

We want to thank you for all your thoughtfulness and kindess in making our wish come true. Francis is a horseman through and through and so enjoyed his time with Misty. It also eased his mind to see how well she is doing. Thank you for giving us a day of special memories.

Family of Francis

Dunlap Specialty Care

I have been so pleased with the care I received and the therapy was wonderful. I'm so much better prepared to go home. I would recommend anyone needing rehab to this facility. 

Avilia B.

West Ridge Specialty Care

Mom was there the day the Manly nursing home opened to start caring for people. The care and compassion that she received her last couple weeks was amazing - not only for her but our family. We are so grateful our mother was surrounded by such a dedicated staff. 

The Family of Sally K.

Manly Specialty Care


Thank you for being so kind to our dad during his stay. He always enjoyed your visits. 

Paul F.

Hospice Care