Family Stories

On behalf of everyone involved in the search for Jake Wilson, I want to personally thank you for your donation of food. Your generosity and support is an encouraging reminder of why our community is so great.

Thanks Again!

Sheriff Tony Thompson

Sheriff Tony Thompson

LaPorte City Specialty Care

Thank you for the excellent care I received. It made my stay wonderful! A lot of hard work by all employees made the rehab stay seem like a vacation to me! Special people work there! 

Tina J.

Montezuma Specialty Care

Thank you for the memorial plant we received. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated. Thank you also for your excellent care that she received while there. 

Mary Alice P.

Cherokee Specialty Care

Thank you all so very much for everything, you all were so amazing with my mother and truly helped my family in our time of need.

Sheri S.

Sibley Specialty Care

From the moment I walked into Southern Hills I knew this was the place for Mom. Thank you for the love you gave her and sharing your memories with me. I am deeply grateful for all you have done. 

Judy C.

Southern Hills Specialty Care

Excellent place to work! Caring staff always striving to go above and beyond!

Denise L.

Wapello Specialty Care

I wanted to make each one of you aware of how please we are with your kindness and care. We enjoyed the meeting to review past care and future hope and expectations. It is clear you all (understand) people's different needs and behaviors and make life more pleasant. Keep doing what you do so well. 

Resident's family

Ridgewood Specialty Care

A very special thank you to the staff and residents at Valley View Specialty Care. I'm so grateful you were able to be a part of our lives the past seven years. Thank you for all the special love and care. You welcomed me each day when I walked through the door. You so often went above and beyond to care not only for XXXXX, but in so many ways, for me as well. You truly became my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anonymous frequent visitor at Valley View

I love how all you Hospice caregivers are so involved with your patients and families. Caring for our loved ones, keeping us updated and explaining what is going on. I feel so much better for Dad that you are there for him. Supporting him, answering his questions, giving him someone to talk to that is knowledgeable about what is going on with Mom. 

Anonymous (Waterloo Hospice Office)

Hospice Care

Thank you for taking care of my mom. With her not able to speak English, i was impressed with therapy, CNAs and nurses going above and beyond to please her. Not only did they find ways of communicating with her, they took care of her as if she was their own family. All of the staff was amazing, including management. 

Edina K.

Pinnacle Specialty Care

Caring, personal staff, great administrators! Small town care is superior I think for your loved ones!

DiAnn N.

Panora Specialty Care

I first want to start by saying – this is why I wanted to come back to NorthCrest Specialty Care. I think all of your OT and physical therapy are great. I’ve learned a lot through them. The staff are great and helpful. Also, they are understanding and if you have questions, they always seem to have the answers and if they don’t know, they try to find out for you. Your nurses are great. If you need something, they get it if they can. I like all of you very much!

Rosalie K.

NorthCrest Specialty Care

The care for the residents is amazing. Clean and home-like atmosphere!!

Windy A.

LaPorte City Specialty Care

(The staff) at Stratford Specialty Care has been so helpful with getting my mother-in-law settled in. This nursing the most caring, thoughtful home. (Everyone) has gone above and beyond to help us. Thank to you all. 

Karen F.

Stratford Specialty Care