Family Stories

The care I received while in your facility assisted me in becoming more independent and once again able to live in the apartment complex where I resided prior to my illness. I am also very appreciative of the care my wife was given during her stay of 4 1/2 years. She was treated with respect and careful hands. 

Jon Y.

Stratford Specialty Care

Mom entered Sibley Specialty Care under the care of Care Initiatives Hospice. She was only there a week but we cannot express enough how wonderful the care was from both Sibley's staff and the Hospice staff. Our family so appreciated the gentleness and caring shown to our Mom. 


Family of Ethel B.

Sibley Specialty Care

Thank you all so very much for everything, you all were so amazing with my mother and truly helped my family in our time of need.

Sheri S.

Sibley Specialty Care

My mother had to go to Westwood Specialty Care (in Sioux City) because of a stroke. I am very impressed with the kind and professional staff at Westwood. Their speech therapy department is the best of the best. After only a few weeks, she is speaking coherent sentences. I am very happy with Westwood Specialty Care and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a safe and well run facility.

Daneel P.

Westwood Specialty Care

Dear Erica,

On behalf of all of our family, I want to thank you and all the staff for the excellent care XXXX received during his time with you. Everyone was always so kind, loving, helpful, compassionate. I appreciate that I was called with reports of even the littlest things concerning his care and health. We trusted all of you to give your very best. 


Linda S.

Corydon Specialty Care

I’m so very thankful for all that you and everyone does for Mom’s recovery. You are all very kind. Just wonderful to work with, and I’m so happy Mom is in good hands! 


Panora Specialty Care

Thank you all so much for your kindess, support and great care throughout mom's rehab journey back to good health. 

Jacci H., Jerry K. & Elly K

Sibley Specialty Care

The staff worked so well together and seemed to really enjoy the patients and each other. Leslie and Paulette have created an effective and compassionate culture of caring. The staff always seemed to welcome Lori/family as part of the team, encouraging our input as they educated us.

Lori and John B & Sally K.

NorthCrest Specialty Care

Thank you just doesn’t seem sufficient for all that you guys did for Mom. It’s hard to put into words just how we all feel. Just want to let you know we are eternally grateful for everything. 

Casey and family

Manly Specialty Care

Thank you for taking care of my mom.  She felt people were very kind to her.  She appreciated the care she received and she always felt comfortable.  A special thank you to the women who took care of her daily.

The Family of J.D.

Centerville Specialty Care

 My 92 year old father was in Correctionville Nursing and Rehab Center (aka Correctionville Specialty Care). The staff was amazing.  My father was well cared for by the nurses and all other staff. They were patient and kind with him as well as with my siblings and myself. 

Patricia B.

Correctionville Specialty Care

...thanks again for all your team did for (my mom) while she was there.  I'm so grateful that she was well cared for and has a very good taste in her mouth about her experience.  She even liked the food!  Her care team of nurses, aides, therapy, and such all treated her very well.

Mary W.

Ravenwood Specialty Care

I do believe this is one of the best. NorthCrest is wonderful!

Bernita V.

NorthCrest Specialty Care

Thank you for the excellent care I received. I made my stay wonderful! A lot of hard by all employees made the rehab stay see like a vacation to ! Special people work there! 

Tina J.

Montezuma Specialty Care