Family Stories

Thank you for maintaining such a shiny and tidy place for the residents to stay. You are truly dedicated to keeping it a great place to reside. I have thoroughly appreciated your hard work.

Betty M.

Thank you for the care you are giving our loved ones when we can not be there. We pray for your health and safety during this pandemic. You are guardian angels for  L***. I know she doesn't understand why we can't visit. But you are there to giver her a smile and a touch for us. Thanks again.

Nancy & Steve S.

Eldora Specialty Care

The nurses are very good to us. Everybody seems friendly and we get to meet new people that are enjoyable to talk with. Everything is very neat and clean. CNA’s are happy to wait on all of us. There is church three times a week and it’s nice to have that opportunity. I like that visitors are always welcome.

Dolores A.

NorthCrest Specialty Care

A thank all of you for the wonderful work you do in caring for your residents. Kudos to all for your COVID-free status! Keep on keeping on during this challenging time. Our thoughts and our prayers are with all of you.

Friends at Waterloo First

LaPorte City Specialty Care

Thank you for supporting our mother’s 100th birthday party “at her home”. Everything went smoothly all afternoon – which was made possible by Jodi. I cannot say enough positives about her for this day – but also for her weekly program.

Jim T.

Creston Specialty Care

Thank you for the memorial plant we received. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated. Thank you also for your excellent care that she received while there. 

Mary Alice P.

Cherokee Specialty Care

My family and I are so thankful for the care that was given to both my Dad and Mom by April and her team at Lyon Specialty Care in Rock Rapids, IA. We are all on the journey of life and when it comes to the final stage of life it is great to have a small town nursing home staff give such great care to your loved ones when you can not be there all of the time.  They all do a fantastic job!  God Bless!

Shari V.

Lyon Specialty Care

During my entire stay at West Ridge, I have received nothing but the best care, especially during my 14 days of isolation. The girls would put costumes on and continue to provide the best care. I will forever be thankful!

Verma J.

West Ridge Specialty Care

 I enjoy being here! The staff is hard-working, the food is good, and there are lots of activities to participate in. I knew quite a few of the staff before coming to Belle Plaine Specialty Care and have made many friends since! I enjoy enjoys in Sara’s office and visiting as I have known her since she was a little girl. The facility is “cheery” and I would recommend it to anyone! 

Ruth S.

Belle Plaine Specialty Care

I must commend the therapy staff. Over the years I have spent many hours in many different therapy departments. I would rate the caring staff at NorthCrest at the top of the list. 

Leona S.

NorthCrest Specialty Care

We thank all of you who work together to provide such a great place for our dad to live. We observe your kind, respectful and patient interaction with your residents and their families. Thank you! 

The Family of LM

LaPorte City Specialty Care


Thank you for being so kind to our dad during his stay. He always enjoyed your visits. 

Paul F.

Hospice Care

We would like to express our appreciation to the staff at Montezuma Specialty Care for their tremendous care, skill and devotion. Thank you.

The family of Gerry R.

Montezuma Specialty Care

One-on-one therapy is out of this world.

Robert J.

Correctionville Specialty Care