Family Stories

The staff is great! They are professional, kinda, good-spirited people. I was able to ask for things; they were willing to help. The facility is nice, clean, I love the way the rooms are set up. The activities speaks volumes. You make sure there are things to do. With your care, I'm in better shape than when I came. 

Mary O.

Ravenwood Specialty Care

My sister and I know that our mom loves Valley View! Thank you for all you and your staff have done to make the transition and now a permanent situation for mom a positive one. I appreciate being contacted when necessary about any health-related issue. We feel that mom is in the right place for her needs, as well as our peace of mind!
Continued success to you all!

Sue V.

My dad has received Amazing care from amazing people. I am so grateful that LaPorte City has this wonderful facility available to them.

Sheri J.

LaPorte City Specialty Care

All of the staff took such great care of my dad! Thank you for everything you did! 

Jennifer S.

Heritage Specialty Care

To all the CNAs in blue: Thank you for your care and patience during my stay. You helped my recovery. You are angels in blue. 

Barb G.

Ravenwood Specialty Care

Avoca Specialty Care is a nice place to live; better than the last place I lived. I enjoy the 3 meals I receive each day; the food is good here. I like the activities that are offered. My favorites are the puzzle books, watermelon parties on the patio in the summer time, the religious activities, and the musical entertainment. The nursing team is nice here; they are observant and address any needs I have right away. I would recommend Avoca Specialty Care to anyone!

Mark B.

Avoca Specialty Care

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Care Initiatives Hospice Quality of Life video

Hospice Care

...the nurses and staff are extremely dedicated to each resident. I was blessed to have my mother experience their loving care. In fact, I saw my mother bloom during her stay at Heritage. It was so sweet when I realized that most of the staff, lovingly called her Grandma. My love and everlasting thanks to each of you. 

Becky K.

Heritage Specialty Care

Care Initiatives Hospice - Greenfield  - Thank you so much for being involved in our father's last days. Everyone was so awesome in guiding us through making his and our days more tolerable. Your kindness was very much appreciated. 


Hospice Care

Words cannot express how grateful our family [is] for the the tender loving care our mother received from all the staff. Not only did our mother feel cared for, we as a family and those who came to see her also felt care for during our difficult time. May God bles each and everyone.

Family of Doris M.

Dunlap Specialty Care

A beautiful, clean facility. Newer management that is attentive, genuinely cares about their residents, and kind. One of the few 5-star rated facilities in the area.

Packing Peanut

Dubuque Specialty Care

Thank you...for the wonderful care he received. He had so manyh special friends there. He was always happy to be there. We appreciate you more than you'll ever know.

The family of Marvin P.

Cherokee Specialty Care

Thank you so much for the care given to my mother all of these [past] years. 

Stephanie K.

Belle Plaine Specialty Care

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the care my sister is receiving. She has Alzheimer’s and other than her difficulty remembering, she is in good physical shape. No family should have to deal with such a disease, but since we have no choice in this matter, it is nice to have a facility that takes care of the residents the way your staff does.

Connie F.

Eldora Specialty Care