Family Stories

Thank you so much for the care given to my mother all of these [past] years. 

Stephanie K.

Belle Plaine Specialty Care

Thank you for your dedication and the crae that you give to all. Thank for working so hard to keep everyone safe during this crazy epidemic. We can't thank you enough for all that you do for my mother. Many of you have known her for a long time and for some it has been over 10 years. Living so far away in Michigan has meant our visites are never often enough, and now it is unknown when we can come again. Please know that you are in our prayers, and we appreciation you all so much. 

Suzy & Tom C.

Fonda Specialty Care

 The residents speak so well of their staff. As a volunteer, I see candid interactions between the residents and their staff, witness the respect and care, the exchanged smiles, meaningful touches and conversation. Beautiful seasonal decor inside and outside.

Lilly S.

Parkridge Specialty Care

Everything was wonderful. I didn't think I was going to be able to return home but with the great care, I got to. The therapist and nursing staff help to make this possible. They are all now my friends. 

Jeanne L.

Lyon Specialty Care

Thank you with grateful hearts for the very best daily care you each gave Dad. He was so happy and loved your good food, too! And he loved each of you!

The family of Wayne B.

Creston Specialty Care

The staff worked so well together and seemed to really enjoy the patients and each other. Leslie and Paulette have created an effective and compassionate culture of caring. The staff always seemed to welcome Lori/family as part of the team, encouraging our input as they educated us.

Lori and John B & Sally K.

NorthCrest Specialty Care

They were very helpful when my mother in law had to go to rehab.

Lillyanne R.

State Center Specialty Care

I want to thank the entire staff (Greenfield Hospice) for all of their amazing help with my mom during her final days. It is an organization and people like you that restore my faith in humanity. God bless you all. 

The family of Delores J.

Hospice Care

Everyone was welcoming and very sincere. The department was very nice in every way.

Mary K.

NorthCrest Specialty Care

Thank you just doesn’t seem sufficient for all that you guys did for Mom. It’s hard to put into words just how we all feel. Just want to let you know we are eternally grateful for everything. 

Casey and family

Manly Specialty Care

The care you have given my mother has been so appreciated! I know she was in the best hands she could be. Your thoughtfulness and care of Mom, as with any patient, takes dedication and I believe the hands of God work through you. Please know I and my family are so very thankful!

Vickie R.

Creston Specialty Care

After my husband passed, I caught Covid and I was having falls. It was hard for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After working with the therapy team, I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and now I am able to go back home. All of the staff have been excellent. If it hadn’t been for the therapy staff, I don’t think I would have made it through.


Ravenwood Specialty Care

Thank you all so much for your care and attention these past four weeks towards our dear mom! We appreciate your love and care more than words are able to express. In appreciation for all the simple little things you do to help us support our mom, we thought it appropriate to give each of you one of Mom's favorite books, "Love Does" by Bob Goff. As the title states, love goes out and does things, even if they are the most simple of things, to show we care for others.

Judy Z.

Sibley Specialty Care

I’m so very thankful for all that you and everyone does for Mom’s recovery. You are all very kind. Just wonderful to work with, and I’m so happy Mom is in good hands! 


Panora Specialty Care