Family Stories

The nurses are very good to us. Everybody seems friendly and we get to meet new people that are enjoyable to talk with. Everything is very neat and clean. CNA’s are happy to wait on all of us. There is church three times a week and it’s nice to have that opportunity. I like that visitors are always welcome.

Dolores A.

NorthCrest Specialty Care

Thanks to everyone for the great care and therapy I received. 

Connie G.

Cherokee Specialty Care

I have been so pleased with the care I received and the therapy was wonderful. I'm so much better prepared to go home. I would recommend anyone needing rehab to this facility. 

Avilia B.

West Ridge Specialty Care

We only get to visit a couple times a year, because we live 14 hours away, but every single time we have visited, the staff has always been so helpful and friendly. They genuinely seem to care about the residents in their care and seem attentive to their needs. We are so thankful our grandparents have this place to call home.

Veronica T.

Chariton Specialty Care

Just want to say "thank you" and to pass it along to the nurses for all you do for my son, John, and the other residents! Your compassion and hard work is very much appreciated!
Happy Nurses Week!

Diana & Roger N.

Southern Hills Specialty Care

Thank you all so much for your kindness, support and great care throughout Mom’s rehab and journey back to good health. 

Jacci H. and Jerry K. & family

Sibley Specialty Care

We want to thank you all for the great care you gave Mike. As he always told us, "everyone is so nice," the food is very good" and they take good care of me." It always made us feel he was in good hands. Thanks for all you do!

The Family of Michael B.

Sibley Specialty Care

The staff worked so well together and seemed to really enjoy the patients and each other. Leslie and Paulette have created an effective and compassionate culture of caring. The staff always seemed to welcome Lori/family as part of the team, encouraging our input as they educated us.

Lori and John B & Sally K.

NorthCrest Specialty Care

I am so happy to be back home but I am thankful...for your care. I won't forget your kindness. I feel like I was given the tools to be at home. God bless all of you.


Cheryl S.

Cherokee Specialty Care

I cannot possibly thank all those who took good care of (my wife). You not only looked after her but you were aware of my needs and helped me through a very trying time.

Jesse P.

Centerville Specialty Care

Thank you so much for all you did for Mom. It was good to know she was getting good care from loving people.

The Family of Dorothy K.

Southern Hills Specialty Care

Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for your care and attention. You have all been so kind and patient. I love your smiles, your friendliness and also  your sincerity in you rowkr. You all deserve a big gold star for a job well done

Betty M.

This building is beautiful and in a great place if you are looking for care for a loved one!

Jessica G.

Avoca Specialty Care

Thank you so much for the great care you provide. You are appreciated! 


Ridgewood Specialty Care