Family Stories

I’m so very thankful for all that you and everyone does for Mom’s recovery. You are all very kind. Just wonderful to work with, and I’m so happy Mom is in good hands! 


Panora Specialty Care

Thank you to everyone for your efforts in making our parents welcome. This was a first and quite traumatic, and your TLC made this experience so much more comfortable. It’s peace of mind to know you have their best interests at heart.

Family of Ken & Jeri R.

Corning Specialty Care

They helped me get back on my feet!

Ann S.

Heritage Specialty Care

Care Initiatives Hospice - Greenfield  - Thank you so much for being involved in our father's last days. Everyone was so awesome in guiding us through making his and our days more tolerable. Your kindness was very much appreciated. 


Hospice Care

We want to extend our thanks to everyone for your care and concern for Mom. It meant so much to our family. This pizza lunch seem like a very small token of our appreciation however Mom loved pizza and she would have enjoyed the bars. She loved her sweets! God bless you as you continue working with those entrusted to your care, serving from your heart with patience and love. 

The family of Evelyn Pauley

LaPorte City Specialty Care

Thank you for the care you provided for our mom and for the support that you have shown our family. Our mom dearly loved Raelyn and Lori, and we found comfort in the words of Deb, Darci, Brenda, and Beth. You are all very special people.

Jody K and Dan W.

Hospice Care

My Dad is currently here in V.A. Hospice. I couldn't be more pleased with the care he is receiving from ALL of the staff here. Thank you so much.

Allan J.

Ravenwood Specialty Care

Thank you for the past few years of care for Mom. Bless you all for seeing what we saw - a beautiful, fun lady. We loved her. Thanks for everything. 

A resident's family

People there (Ravenwood) are wonderful.

Irene M.

Ravenwood Specialty Care

We thank all of you who work together to provide such a great place for our dad. We observe your kind, respectful and patient interactions with your resident and their families. Thank you for doing it so well! 

The Family of L.M.

LaPorte City Specialty Care

After my husband passed, I caught Covid and I was having falls. It was hard for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After working with the therapy team, I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and now I am able to go back home. All of the staff have been excellent. If it hadn’t been for the therapy staff, I don’t think I would have made it through.


Ravenwood Specialty Care

Ravenwood treats Mom with dignity, respect and love. Every staff member we have had contact with is making a difference for Mom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Sheryl P.

Ravenwood Specialty Care

The staff worked so well together and seemed to really enjoy the patients and each other. Leslie and Paulette have created an effective and compassionate culture of caring. The staff always seemed to welcome Lori/family as part of the team, encouraging our input as they educated us.

Lori and John B & Sally K.

NorthCrest Specialty Care

Thank you for inviting me to do the devotional and discussion!! It was my first time in the facility. What a beautiful place and the ladies were lovely!

Shelly T.

Panora Specialty Care