Family Stories

Mom (Grandma) lived at your facility for over 7 years and loved you all. We want to thank you for all the loving care you gave Mom over the years. During her final days she could not have had better care. The staff was so kind and took such wonderful care of Mom. Thank You.

Rita W.

Chariton Specialty Care

We were very happy with the care Dubuque Specialty Care gave to our son, Josh, while he went through skilled nursing after being hospitalized. Their staff are very thoughtful and caring and we truly appreciate everything they did for our son during his rehabilitation. Thanks again :

Rhonda M.

Dubuque Specialty Care

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the care my sister is receiving. She has Alzheimer’s and other than her difficulty remembering, she is in good physical shape. No family should have to deal with such a disease, but since we have no choice in this matter, it is nice to have a facility that takes care of the residents the way your staff does.

Connie F.

Eldora Specialty Care

My gratitudes, thoughts and prayers to all of you on lockdown and still caring for your residents. Thank you for your incredible service, strength, compassion and kindness. Be strong keep the faith. 

Family of Joanne L.

Heritage Specialty Care

Thanks to each of you for your love, respect and excellent care you give to all of us residents. During the difficult time of being so dependent, I felt your kindness. There was also the pleasure of wonderful food and varied activities. Thank you so much. 

Barbara E.

Sibley Specialty Care

I do believe this is one of the best. NorthCrest is wonderful!

Bernita V.

NorthCrest Specialty Care

To the staff...You are all awesome!! You are definitely a team and a team of heroes. I want to thank you for making a difficult time in my life a little easier. I kind [of] hesitated to come and now it's hard to leave. Thank you all and good luck! 


NorthCrest Specialty Care

Over the last few weeks, we (Kirkwood students) have had the pleasure of working with some of your staff. Many of your CNAs showed excellent and gentle care.  

Andrea H.

Lantern Park Specialty Care

Just want to give a big Thank You to Shawn and the whole crew for an excellent job during this crisis.

John W.

Parkridge Specialty Care

We want you all to know how much we appreciated your loving kindness to our Minnie R. We are so thankful to everyone who helped care for her. 

Family of Minnie R.

Ravenwood Specialty Care

My sister and I know that our mom loves Valley View! Thank you for all you and your staff have done to make the transition and now a permanent situation for mom a positive one. I appreciate being contacted when necessary about any health-related issue. We feel that mom is in the right place for her needs, as well as our peace of mind!
Continued success to you all!

Sue V.

Valley View Specialty Care

We were very pleased with the care at Ravenwood. They were attentive to Mom and always answered any questions we had. We wouuld highly recommend Ravenwood. 

Wanda P.

Ravenwood Specialty Care

A thank all of you for the wonderful work you do in caring for your residents. Kudos to all for your COVID-free status! Keep on keeping on during this challenging time. Our thoughts and our prayers are with all of you.

Friends at Waterloo First

LaPorte City Specialty Care

I am so happy to be back home but I am thankful...for your care. I won't forget your kindness. I feel like I was given the tools to be at home. God bless all of you.


Cheryl S.

Cherokee Specialty Care