Family Stories

Care Initiatives Hospice - Greenfield  - Thank you so much for being involved in our father's last days. Everyone was so awesome in guiding us through making his and our days more tolerable. Your kindness was very much appreciated. 


Hospice Care

We want to thank you for all your thoughtfulness and kindess in making our wish come true. Francis is a horseman through and through and so enjoyed his time with Misty. It also eased his mind to see how well she is doing. Thank you for giving us a day of special memories. (Albia)

Family of Francis

Hospice Care

...We'd like to thank all the wondering nurses and aides at Southern Hills Specialty Care. 

The family of Juanita M.

Southern Hills Specialty Care

Thank you to everyone for your efforts in making our parents welcome. This was a first and quite traumatic, and your TLC made this experience so much more comfortable. It’s peace of mind to know you have their best interests at heart.

Family of Ken & Jeri R.

Corning Specialty Care

We would like to sincerely thank everyone at Sibley [Specialty Care] for all of the great care. It's an excellent place to be when needed. Everyone has a caring attitude and are so helpful. We greatly appreciate everything you do.

Doug, Dee and Alvina B.

Sibley Specialty Care

Impressed!!! My sister visited our brother at this facility and she was so impressed on how immaculate (it is) and (how) friendly the staff are!! Excellent facility in every way. The customer service, care they give to their patients, and pride of their facility is superb.

Sandra K.

Dunlap Specialty Care

I just wanted to comment on how exceptional you and your entire staff were for my dad and my family. I cannot tell you enough how happy we were to know that he was able to be cared for so well. 

Gary G.

Kingsley Specialty Care

We cannot thank you enough for the great care you gave Dad. Everyone was so nice and we are so grateful that he was able to receive his therapy at your facility. Thank you for your compassiona, understanding and so much more. When we left him the first day, we knew he was definitely going to like it there which gave us peace of mind. 

Paul M.

LaPorte City Specialty Care

Dan was a resident from January, 2013, until June 11, 2016. He received wonderful care throughout that time, as did his wife who passed in December, 2013. Dan transitioned to the care under Care Initiatives Hospice in April, 2016. As his family, we were thoroughly impressed by the extraordinary, compassionate care provided by your entire team for Dan as well as for us. We thank all of you for what you do with such grace.

The Family of Dan F.

Southridge Specialty Care

I have been so pleased with the care I received and the therapy was wonderful. I'm so much better prepared to go home. I would recommend anyone needing rehab to this facility. 

Avilia B.

West Ridge Specialty Care

We are grateful for the compassionate and loving care that you were able to provide our mother. Your entire staff displayed daily acts of kindness and compassion that did not go unnoticed. 

Family of Valerie K.

NorthCrest Specialty Care

Thank you for everything you did for our mother! We appreciate each and every one of you! Manly Specialty Care is a wonderful place! 

Bill and family

Manly Specialty Care

I have talked to Patsy a couple (of) times in the last couple of days. She was VERY helpful and courteous.  She gets a gold star for putting up with the G******* brothers.

Jerry G.

Corydon Specialty Care

People there (Ravenwood) are wonderful.

Irene M.

Ravenwood Specialty Care