Family Stories

We can not thank you enough for all you did for XXXXX and our family. You are amazing, caring and thoughtful in all you do. 

Dennis & Karla H. and family

Hospice Care

I first want to start by saying – this is why I wanted to come back to NorthCrest Specialty Care. I think all of your OT and physical therapy are great. I’ve learned a lot through them. The staff are great and helpful. Also, they are understanding and if you have questions, they always seem to have the answers and if they don’t know, they try to find out for you. Your nurses are great. If you need something, they get it if they can. I like all of you very much!

Rosalie K.

NorthCrest Specialty Care

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful you gave my sister. I tell everyone that this nursing home is the best. It's always clean and staff are wonderful. Again, thanks so much and God bless you all. 


Sibley Specialty Care

 The residents speak so well of their staff. As a volunteer, I see candid interactions between the residents and their staff, witness the respect and care, the exchanged smiles, meaningful touches and conversation. Beautiful seasonal decor inside and outside.

Lilly S.

Parkridge Specialty Care

Dedicated caregivers give us great peace of mind, since we're far from our loved one.

Diane W.

State Center Specialty Care

The nursing team is amazing and so VERY compassionate to residents and their families. The administration staff is helpful, kind and truly genuine in their desire to help families and their loved ones. I never considered any of the staff as my co-workers...they are my friends and I loved working with them all.

Sandy N.

LaPorte City Specialty Care

I’m so very thankful for all that you and everyone does for Mom’s recovery. You are all very kind. Just wonderful to work with, and I’m so happy Mom is in good hands! 


Panora Specialty Care

During my time with COVID, I received excellent care. While I spent 14 days alone in isolation, the girls did everything they could to ensure I didn't feel alone. They fed me when I couldn't feed myself. I am very thankful for the care I received and continue to receive.

Mary E.

West Ridge Specialty Care

Thank you for the kindness you have shown XXX while he has been in your care. Everyday he had something new and exciting to tell me about his stay. We are both grateful for all of your help.

Jackie L.

Pinnacle Specialty Care

Awesome care center. All therapists are excellent. Nurses and most CNAs are excellent. Most meals are good. Bedrooms with individual bathrooms and showers are really nice. Will miss the staff now that I'm back home alone.


Parkridge Specialty Care

Mom entered Sibley Specialty Care under the care of Care Initiatives Hospice. She was only there a week but we cannot express enough how wonderful the care was from both Sibley's staff and the Hospice staff. Our family so appreciated the gentleness and caring shown to our Mom. 


Family of Ethel B.

Sibley Specialty Care

...our thanks and appreciation for all that you, each in your own way, did to help H***** be more comfortable, physically & emotionally, these last 13 months. Especially thank you for your perfect timing on his 'last wish' outing. 

Alice T. and family

Hospice Care

Relaxing place, the staff makes you feel welcome I try to remember all there names but they are used to being called 'hey you.' The staff says it doesn't bother them that they are used to it however if your memory is somewhat there, you should try to get that person name and remember, "please" and "thank you" go along way in life. They have very compassionate nurses that can help you beyond time. CNAs that are friendly and all. They let you choose if you want to stay in your room to eat, play, and have your privacy! You get your own spacious room; your own big bathroom, bathroom sink, toilet. Two call buttons in your room. Funiture is new with cherry wood finish. Plenty of snacks according to your diet!

Marisa M.

Lantern Park Specialty Care

...thanks again for all your team did for (my mom) while she was there.  I'm so grateful that she was well cared for and has a very good taste in her mouth about her experience.  She even liked the food!  Her care team of nurses, aides, therapy, and such all treated her very well.

Mary W.

Ravenwood Specialty Care