We offer hospice care in Iowa and Nebraska

Care Initiatives Hospice provides a range of services to support patients and their loved ones. Our team of hospice professionals is dedicated to helping patients and their loved ones navigate the challenges of terminal illness with compassion, dignity, and respect. Our hospice services include the following:

  • Nursing oversight from our team of experienced licensed nurses
  • Support from our interdisciplinary team, including nurses, CNAs, a social worker, and a bereavement coordinator
  • Coordination of care with other healthcare providers and specialists
  • Symptom management
  • Emotional and spiritual support for patients and their loved ones
  • Assistance with medication management
  • Bereavement support for family members and loved ones 
  • Assistance with referrals to healthcare facilities for patients requiring around-the-clock care
  • Support for caregivers, including respite care and caregiver education
  • Unique "quality of life" program to help create lasting memories for patients and their loved ones

Hospice Care offers the following services

  • 1-Hour Response Time

    It is our pledge to be present for patients, families or new admission inquiries within one-hour. Our goal is to have all phone calls answered by a live person. After-hours phone inquiries or questions that come in to the office are replied to within 15-minutes by one of our care professionals.

  • Available 24/7

    Care Initiatives Hospice takes pride in being responsive to requests for information, admission referrals, and patient/family needs any time, day or night.  Our care team is available 24/7 and will respond to our patient or family needs in a timely manner, usually within one-hour.

  • Care Where You Are

    Care Initiatives Hospice staff are not focused in one location.  Our care team provide service where you are - personal home, nursing home, hospital or assisted living.

  • Grief Support

    Care Initiatives Hospice offers specially trained individuals to assist families and caregivers through the grief process.  We offer an organized program of bereavement services for family members, caregivers and significant others, as well as the general public.  Services include: letters and supportive information, support groups, memorial services, and visits and/or telephone calls.

  • Massage/Healing Touch Therapy

    Massage Therapy treats patients by using touch to manipulate muscles and other soft tissues to relieve pain, help heal injuries, improve circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation, and aid in the general wellness of the patient. Therapists consult with patients about what they hope to achieve through massage and customize treatment plans, including information about additional relaxation techniques to practice between sessions.

  • Music Therapy

    Our certified, experienced music therapists are often called upon to help the patient with anxiety, pain or discomfort, sadness, impaired communication, isolation, and to bring about a sense of overall calm. Our music therapists play a variety of music generally on a guitar, keyboard or another instrument. The therapists will first learn a bit about the patient, the era they grew up in, their culture and utilize that information to perform the music most meaningful for your loved one.

    The goals of music therapy are to:

    • increase relaxation and decrease perceived level of discomfort
    • increase sensory, social and/or cognitive stimulation
    • elevate mood
    • stimulate verbal and non-verbal expression
    • facilitate positive/meaningful interaction with family members
    • validate life experiences and reminisce

    Other ways music therapy is valuable at the end of life:

    • facilitate grief in a unique and creative way
    • provide a comforting presence and validate emotional response
    • facilitate songwriting
    • create tangible legacy gift to share
    • provide means to make environment home-like and expression of self
  • Pain Management

    Care Initiatives' Care Team has a goal of helping our patients maintain a dignified and proper quality of life.  Controlling pain can be an important part of the process.  Our Care Team will work closely with your physician and you to develop a compassionate plan for managing pain.

  • Spiritual Care

    Our hospice spiritual care givers work with each patient and family to visit with and assist with any spiritual needs in accordance with the patient's or family's beliefs and desires.

  • Veteran Recognition

    Thousands of Iowans have, at one point in time, dedicated themselves to serve in a branch of the nation’s armed forces. We recognize the sacrifices these men and women have made and we owe them a debt of gratitude for their service. Whether a veteran is a patient utilizing our service or a resident in a nursing home or assisted living community, we are able to provide and help coordinate a Veteran Recognition Pinning and Certification ceremony.

  • Volunteer Services

    Our group of hospice-trained volunteers are available to meet based on patient’s desire. They offer a variety of services ranging from providing companionship and comfort, reading, writing letters, reminiscing, help in completing tasks important to the patient and respite for the primary caregiver.

    Our 11th Hour Program assigns a specially-trained volunteer to be with the patient and family as death draws near. The volunteer provides comfort and support to patients and caregivers. They serve as advocates for the patients and their families as well as assist staff with general duties.