Visitors restricted due to Covid-19

As you may have heard, the world has been experiencing the spread of a new virus called Covid-19, more commonly referred to as the “Corona Virus.” This virus has now found its way to the United States. While the spread of this virus in the U.S. has been slower than in other countries, government health officials anticipate the virus will reach most parts of the U.S. before it is curbed.

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Suprised by biking

Six years ago, I watched as my grandson got his scout cycling badge for riding on RAGBRAI, on the way to getting his Eagle Scout. Seeing this I decided to get into cycling myself. So after not riding a bike for 40 years, I decided to make an attempt at riding across the state of Iowa in a week.

That story is a long one, and for another day, however I want to share one of the best days at work I have ever had. 

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McDyer selected for 20 under 40

SIBLEY—Since Jessica McDyer’s first job at the age of 16 she knew what she wanted to do with her life.

“I worked in housekeeping at a long-term care facility, and I soon realized that was what I wanted to do with that my life,” McDyer said. “This was the environment that I wanted to work in.”

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