Diana Stowe Earns Work as a Team Award

Diana Stowe award

Diana Stowe, Business Office Manager (BOM) for Eldora Specialty Care and Valley View Specialty Care, has received the 2019 Work as a Team Award at Care Initiatives’ annual awards brunch Friday, Dec. 6 in West Des Moines.

Stowe joined Eldora Specialty Care in 2000 and has excelled ever since. She became the business office manager of Valley View in 2017. Being a business office manager is a lot of work, but to take on two facilities serving as the linchpin for each team is quite a feat.

Her expertise is often sought out by other locations to help other business office managers.

“The BOM makes sure payroll gets done, bills are paid, the electronic health recording system is working, tracking census and so on. But it also includes meeting and greeting families,” said Administrator Susan Eichmeier. “Her professionalism and her calm, kind manner are invaluable.”

The Work as a Team Award is one of six Core Value Awards given to a nominated employee throughout the statewide Care Initiatives organization of 3,000+ employees.