Former resident pens poem of thanks

We couldn't be more flattered!


To All Staff at Valley View

By Carolyn De Neui

‘Twas the day before departure from Valley View Care

I pondered on how I could thank those working there.

Each of you who are nurses, LPNs and CNAs,

Took care of my needs for 23 days.


There’s Crystal, Kristina, Nancy, Holly and Clarissa,

And Charlotte, Ashley, Amber and Melissa,

Also Julie, Lena, Karen, Vanessa and Ruth,

They all were so kind and that is the truth.

Add Tasha, Brenda, Nickey and Samone,

Sure hope I haven’t forgotten any one.

If I have, please forgive as I tried to recall,

The kind care I was given by one and by all.


Can’t forget the cooks as the meals were just great.

Even snacks in the evening of course which I ate.

The therapy girls gave me a good workout.

‘Twas good for me though, so I’d better not pout.


So what can I say for all the care I received?

At the hands of the caregivers I can go home relieved.

Here’s a big THANK YOU for what you do each day.

May God bless you all as you go on your way.


(This includes cleaning and laundry staff, too!)