Lilo joins family at LaPorte City Specialty Care

In March, LaPorte City Specialty Care welcomed its newest “quality enhancement team member” - a guinea pig named Lilo. Lilo was adopted from the Cedar Bend Humane Society and has quickly acclimated to the large family she moved in with.  Lilo is full-grown female at 2-3 years of age. 

Prior to adopting Lilo, all residents and staff were asked about allergies or if they were strongly opposed. Our activity team provides ​her day-to-day care and the residents get to enjoy her company.

Lilo loves lettuce and she loves to be petted under the ears and across the top of her head. She sits patiently in the laps of residents and “sings” to them. Lilo spends lots of time doing one-on-ones with the residents.  Those with dementia really respond to her.  They immediately smile, say how cute she is, and pet her softly. Even those who prefer to observe from afar find her to be entertaining and it stimulates conversation and involvement in activities.