Manly Specialty Care is one of Iowa’s top skilled nursing providers

Nursing homes are highly regulated and must adhere to hundreds of standards and regulations. , There is one nursing home locally that continues to provide a high level of care and service and meet every regulation.. In the most recent state inspection and survey (October 2018) administered by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, Manly Specialty Care received zero deficiencies.  There are 412 nursing facilities in Iowa. Generally, only 5 percent are found to be deficiency-free.

2018 has shaped up to be a banner year for Manly Specialty Care. This past fall they were also recognized by the American Healthcare Association (AHCA) as a Bronze Quality Award recipient.

Skilled nursing facilities are inspected annually to evaluate services and renew state licensure. Unannounced, state surveyors arrive to interview, observe, and check records for several days. Surveyors determine compliance with regulations governing areas such as quality of care, residents’ rights, confidentiality and quality of service. If each of the many applicable regulations is met, the nursing home is awarded a “deficiency-free” survey.

“Receiving a deficiency free rating requires a great amount of attention to detail in all areas,” says Administrator Kimber Kleven. “With the intention of always thinking of ‘residents first’ we are committed and able to provide a safe, comfortable, loving home for all those who live here with us.”