Michael Barton Wins Annual Slogan Contest

Michael Barton, floor care/maintenance person at Parkridge Specialty Care in Pleasant Hill, met Care Initiatives annual challenge to come with a T-shirt slogan for 2017. Based on the theme super heroes, Barton reflected upon his fellow employees and came up with, “The Superheroes at Care Initiatives do ordinary things in extraordinary ways.” He was announced the winner of the contest at the Care Initiatives annual award brunch Friday, Dec. 16 in West Des Moines.

HR Administrator Mary Stoltenberg headed the slogan committee. She said, “We wanted a slogan that was universal…something that worked for all positions. This was one of several presented and we just felt it was a good fit.”

The slogan will be featured on the back of a T-shirt that each Care Initiatives employee throughout Iowa will receive for his/her birthday in 2017. “Our employees not only wear these shirts to work but out in their community and we wanted a slogan that would demonstrate how proud we are of every Care Initiatives team member.”

Based out of West Des Moines, Care Initiatives owns and operates 50 nonprofit caregiving locations providing skilled nursing care, rehabilitation, Alzheimer’s/dementia, assisted living and hospice care throughout Iowa. For more information, visit careinitiatives.org or call 515.224.4442.