Natalie Leewright chosen for Care Initiatives’ Be Consistent Award

Natalie Leewright, cook at Manly Specialty Care received the Be Consistent Award at Care Initiatives’ annual award brunch Friday, Dec. 7 in West Des Moines.

Leewright joined Manly Specialty Care in 2008 at the age of 16. “She is a shining star,” said Administrator Kimber Kleven. Rarely missing work, Leewright knows every aspect of the kitchen, every residents needs and preferences and is able to fill in when needed.

Leewright is the driving force behind the consistent practices that she and her coworkers have developed.

“Even when our dietary manager needed time off for illness and to care for another family member, Natalie dug in and made sure the routine stayed consistent…meals served on time, and no short cuts on quality,” Kleven said.

“Any time we have a special event or meal, Natalie has it all planned out,” Kleven said. “Her ease and skill in carrying things out with quality and efficiency are unmatched and other see the benefits of her consistency.”

“She takes ownership in our facility, in our community and each of our residents as individuals. Natalie knows each resident’s wants, needs and aspirations just as much as her coworkers,” Kleven said. “She steps up to help when other departments need a hand because she knows we value a high level of performance.”

The Be Consistent Award is one of six Core Value Awards given to a nominated employee throughout the statewide organization of 3,000+ employees.