Suprised by biking

Montezuma resident biking

Six years ago, I watched as my grandson got his scout cycling badge for riding on RAGBRAI, on the way to getting his Eagle Scout. Seeing this I decided to get into cycling myself. So after not riding a bike for 40 years, I decided to make an attempt at riding across the state of Iowa in a week.

That story is a long one, and for another day, however I want to share one of the best days at work I have ever had. 

I work at Montezuma Specialty Care. (I use the term work loosely because I really love what I do.) My father always said find a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life.

So fast forward to last Saturday (March 7, 2020), it was my turn to be Weekend Manager, and on Saturday, I was supposed to lead an activity for the residents. I gave it some thought and decided that a show-and-tell about my bike riding would be the activity. So at 10:30am, I passed out treats and juice then started to talk about my cycling experience. I showed them the clothes I wear and the shoes I use. I talked about the various rides I had been on and where I liked to ride. Then I showed them my bike - a recumbent tricycle. This is not a bike many of the residents had ever seen before. I showed them the lights, the gear I carry, how I change a tire. Then I showed them how I get on. Then much to my amazement one of the residents said, "That looks like fun. I would like to try that."

Now I would have never thought that a nursing home resident would be able to sit on a recumbent bike or be able to get up without a lot of help, but to my delight, my staff jumped in to the conversation and not only encouraged the resident but helped her to get up, approach the bike and to sit in the seat. Then for the next five minutes she pedaled around the room with a big smile on her face and giggling like a school girl as she went around and around in a circle. Not only did I get to see a person get to enjoy something, I got the enjoyment of sharing something I enjoy with my residents. Then another resident came forward for their turn. The staff and I had to modify the way a person gets on the bike but we were able to get the resident on the bike and she took off. Again another person with a big smile on their face, but as I looked around, the room was full of smiling faces. It was a good day all around.

I want to thank the staff and residents at Montezuma Specialty Care for giving me one of the best days of my life.