Three Care Initiatives Hospice - Des Moines volunteers earn statewide accolades

September, 2019 - Myrna Beeber of Panora, Cindy Eggley of Johnston, and Janice Straight of Des Moines were recognized as outstanding hospice volunteers at the Hospice and Palliative Care of Iowa (HPCAI) Volunteer Recognition Ceremony held Sept. 20.

Hospice patients in Panora and the surrounding area have had the benefit of getting to know Myrna Beeber over the past 5 years. As a retired nurse, she is quite familiar with hospice concepts. She often plans an activity to do with the patient during her visit be it watching a movie, having lunch or writing letters. “Her flexibility allows her to travel to visit patients,” said Volunteer Coordinator Mimi Leonard. “If the patient requests it, she will often provide longer visits.”




In her first year volunteering with Care Initiatives Hospice, Cindy Eggley is tireless in her volunteer efforts. “Cindy can always be counted on when a patient needs a visit,” Leonard said. “She visits patients in a variety of locations and always keeps the team informed about his/her needs.”





Jan Straight has been helping out Care Initiatives Hospice since 2016. “Jan has saved so many staff hours by volunteering,” Leonard said. “She has worked extra shifts answering phones, filing and greeting everyone. Her professionalism and commitment is simply amazing.”