Tiffney Deerberg Earns Serve Others Award

Mechanicsville Tiffney Deerberg employee award

Tiffney Deerberg, certified nurse assistant at Mechanicsville Specialty Care, received the Serve Others Award at Care Initiatives annual awards brunch Friday, Dec. 15 in West Des Moines.

The award is given to a Care Initiatives employee who embodies the company’s core value to compassionately serve others and their needs as defined by them.

Tiffney has been a CNA for over 15 years, but joined our team just last year. “She truly delivers great care day in and day out to her residents.  She understands what it means to take pride in her work and how just the little things impact resident’s lives.  You can always hear her striking up a conversation or sharing a laugh with the residents,” says Administrator Tina Wendt.

“Customer service is Tiffney’s strong suit as she understands and always ensures residents are taken care of during her shift,” Wendt adds. If there is a change or something brought to her attention, Tiffney is always stepping up to the plate to ensure her resident’s needs are met. We appreciate what she does for our facility and we are thankful for her being on our team.”

The Serve Others Award is one of six Core Value awards given to a nominated employee throughout our statewide organization of 3,000+ employees.