Music Therapy

Our certified, experienced music therapists are often called upon to help the patient with anxiety, pain or discomfort, sadness, impaired communication, isolation, and to bring about a sense of overall calm. Our music therapists play a variety of music generally on a guitar, keyboard or another instrument. The therapists will first learn a bit about the patient, the era they grew up in, their culture and utilize that information to perform the music most meaningful for your loved one.

The goals of music therapy are to:

  • increase relaxation and decrease perceived level of discomfort
  • increase sensory, social and/or cognitive stimulation
  • elevate mood
  • stimulate verbal and non-verbal expression
  • facilitate positive/meaningful interaction with family members
  • validate life experiences and reminisce

Other ways music therapy is valuable at the end of life:

  • facilitate grief in a unique and creative way
  • provide a comforting presence and validate emotional response
  • facilitate songwriting
  • create tangible legacy gift to share
  • provide means to make environment home-like and expression of self