Ridgewood Specialty Care receives state’s highest ranking

Ridgewood staff

(January, 2020) Staff at Ridgewood Specialty Care in Ottumwa are celebrating a perfect survey administered by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals in December 2019. They received zero deficiencies. This is the second consecutive year.

There are 439 nursing facilities in Iowa. Generally, only 5 percent are found to be deficiency-free.

Skilled nursing facilities are inspected annually to evaluate services and renew state licensure. Unannounced, state surveyors arrive to interview, observe, and check records for several days. Surveyors determine compliance with regulations governing areas such as quality of care, residents’ rights, confidentiality and quality of service. If each of the many applicable regulations is met, the nursing home is awarded a “deficiency-free” survey.

 “Having achieved deficiency free status for 2 years in a row is evident of how each and every staff member works as a team for the highest quality care,” says Director of Nursing, Lisa Knights. “I couldn’t be more proud.”