Monica Meyers Chosen as Care Initiatives’ Employee of the Year

employee of the year Monica Meyers

Monica Meyers, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Certified Medication Aide (CMA)  Specialty Care, has received the Employee of the Year Award at Care Initiatives’ annual award brunch Friday, Dec. 7 in West Des Moines.

The Employee of the Year Award is given to a nominated employee who best demonstrates the company’s Mission Statement: Improving quality of life for Iowans and their families during life’s health transitions through compassionate, individualized care.

Meyer joined Manly Specialty Care in 2016 as a CNA but quickly saw the need in the facility for a CMA and worked toward that certification. She is now continuing to learn and improve by studying to become an LPN.

She shows her dedication to quality care and teamwork by picking up split shifts if needed. “She is consistently looking for better ways to do things for our residents and often looks to our team to collaborate. But sometimes she takes the reigns to come up with solutions. “Due to the effects of Huntington’s Disease, one resident was struggling to maintain independence when drinking fluids,” explained Administrator Kimber Kleven. “We tried everything. Monica took the time to research online to come up with ideas and individualize an approach to reach a solution.”

“Monica seeks on a daily basis to learn from other staff and to share what she has learned through her experiences,” Kleven said. “Monica also establishes bonds with family members to achieve the best care possible for their loved one even in difficult circumstances, and carries it forth to share with her coworkers to make for a cohesive, comfortable environment.”

“Monica is a great example of what Care Initiatives stands for,” Kleven said.